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THE 252 LEAGUE This is a proposal to provide archers something to attain after they have achieved their 252 badges. The shooting rules will be the same as for the 252 badges i.e.:- Longbows 6 doz arrows Barebows 4 doz arrows Recurve 3 doz arrows Compound 2½ doz arrows 122cm target face, 5 zone scoring, targets at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 & 100 yds Every time an archer shots a 252 round, his/her score is multiplied by one tenth of the distance i.e. if shooting at 20 yards then multiplied by 2; at 30 yards by 3 and so on. This way the higher the distance shot, the higher the score which will encourage archers to shoot the longer distances. Every time an archer submits a score that is higher than his/her current league score, then that score will become the new current score. Archers can shoot as many rounds as they wish, at any distance, up to the distance of their best 252 badge, (i.e. if you have been awarded a 40 yds badge you cannot shoot 50 yds until that badge has been received). Again, this will encourage archers to shoot the longer distances and to achieve the higher badges. Score sheets must be signed by the archer and a witness. Three leagues, Senior Gents, Senior Ladies, Juniors. Leagues to be updated on a weekly basis and tables to be posted in clubhouse. The scheme will be administered by the Competition Secretary who will collect all scores on Sunday morning and display the latest League tables the following Sunday. The Scheme to run in the ‘Outdoor’ months i.e. when we don’t shoot indoors, and prizes awarded to the top archer in each league at the end of the season.   If you have any queries, please see me – Andy Sollars.  sollars100@btinternet.com