Toxophilite (rare) Lover of the bow. noun noun: toxophilite; plural noun: toxophilites a student or lover of archery. Adjective adjective: toxophilite Relating to archers and archery.
Our large outdoor range set near the magnificent Exbury Gardens has played host to UK ranking tournaments, friendly local competitions and a large Nye of Pheasants. With a compliment of all weather butts and a hot pot of tea there are few occasions when you wont find us shooting. Club days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. You can shoot any time light permitting as long as you are not alone. During the more inclement months we do retreat to the less windswept indoor range which is kindly housed at Gang Warily 2 evenings a week. Tuesday (8pm - 10pm) and Friday(7pm - 9pm). We are delighted to host corporate days for your company, please do contact us for more information on any aspect of Archery, from beginners to more competitive members we hope you find a warm and friendly welcome at Waterside Archers
Set on the South coast within the beautiful New Forest, Waterside Archers boasts an impressive and ever growing membership. Our archers embrace all traditions of shooting and bow style; from the instantly recognisable Longbow to the rather more modern Compound Bow and the bow of the Olympics - the Recurve. We have facilities for Clout, Target using Longbow, Recurve and Compound. We are also the home of Hampshire Archery Association outdoor county championships. Friendily club with social get together and club shoots. We encourage and coach members for their enjoyment and for the advancement of the club and the sport.
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Waterside Archers The souths Premier Archery Club Affiliated to : Archery GB, Hampshire Archery Association, Southern Counties Archery Society. Home of our Range : Exbury Range, Summers Lane, Exbury. Hampshire. SO45 1AZ
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